I credit your skill, perseverance and steady nature along with the extraordinary nature of this work, with moving one more soul along the path towards reclaiming one’s identity.
— Richard Welker


Hella Neumann

A Constellation Practitioner writes…..

The most powerful experience I had was in a private counseling session with a woman whose birth happened because her mother had been raped by a drug dealer. She never could connect to the love because she felt the violence of her birth more than the love. As she opened to the power of life force in our session she connected to the love that held the violence … no denial of the truth of it…she imagined her father in front of her and after expressing her deep rage and then grief she accepted the life that was hers to live. We both cried during her realization that… even though…violence was there…the power of life was also there and now she could use her circumstance as a doorway to her empowerment…I felt privileged to be a part of midwifing her into her greater capacity to celebrate her life… in the midst of it all and perhaps deeper… because of it all.

To me that is the key and the beauty of this work. To integrate it all… no denial and no holding on to the victimization…but using it all for empowerment and greater capacity to celebrate life…and all that comes with it.

Thank you Hella.

Blessings always and deep aloha,

~ Naomi, Santa Fe

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