I credit your skill, perseverance and steady nature along with the extraordinary nature of this work, with moving one more soul along the path towards reclaiming one’s identity.
— Richard Welker


Hella Neumann

Private Sessions

Although Family Constellations were developed as a group work, they can also be done in a private session. This is useful for individuals who have a strong need for privacy. It is also a good choice for those who feel emotionally or physically unstable, or are unable to attend a full-day workshop, or who do not feel safe in groups. The private session offers very valuable experiences that are not readily available in the group work, such as standing in the place of one’s own family members or doing the work in small steps. The process is generally much slower and can easily be suspended at any point.

To arrange a private session please contact
Hella Neumann at info@SongsoftheAncestors.com.

In Germany you can reach Hella on 05044 88 15 75.

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