I credit your skill, perseverance and steady nature along with the extraordinary nature of this work, with moving one more soul along the path towards reclaiming one’s identity.
— Richard Welker


Hella Neumann

A Story I will never forget…

It happened at least 10 years ago and every so often we want to hear these beautiful words in our workshops again.

Ted’s intention for his Constellation was clear and conceive: “I cannot eat”.

We set up Ted and food with representatives.

After a few minutes of food offering itself to Ted, Ted ran out the door. Hella’s comment: Good that he did not close the door; because that would mean he is hopelessly lost to death.

It took a while for Ted to come back, but he still could not accept food. At this point Hella froze the Constellation and brought in a third unnamed representative.

Ted and the third person looked at each other for a long time, then Hella asked Ted how he felt. He responded that: “It is as if there is a rainbow arc of love going between our two heads and we are exchanging molecules”.

They hugged in big love and it was obvious that the unnamed third person represented a twin lost in utero.

And what made it even more stunning was that the representative chosen for Ted was a twin himself!

PS. At this time the concept of a vanishing twin became known in the Constellation Work: The surviving twin is watching the vanishing twin declining and eventually dying while he himself is prospering and growing. That is a deeply traumatic experience with many consequences for later life. Among other symptoms the surviving twin often refuses to eat or eats for two.

~ Story told by Hella

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