I credit your skill, perseverance and steady nature along with the extraordinary nature of this work, with moving one more soul along the path towards reclaiming one’s identity.
— Richard Welker


Hella Neumann


Workshops provide an opportunity to experience Family Constellations, see how the soul moves and come to understand the hidden Orders of Love operating in human relationship systems. We create a healing circle, call in our ancestors, and through guided meditation, we connect deeply in the stillness of the soul. With individuals chosen from the circle, we set up representatives for family members and ancestors of the client. We tune in to the higher consciousness of the Knowing Field. Spontaneous movements reveal entanglements with unrecognized fates from past generations and where the flow of love is interrupted. Resolution evolves in the loving field of the circle, and profound healing happens as the family system is embraced by the Spirit Mind field of the Greater Soul.

To be a representative in someone else’s constellation is of deep value, taking us into an experience that provides insights into our own soul’s compassion and love, beyond all social and ethical prejudices and limitations. Not only do we support others in the realignment of their family soul; in a miraculous way, we are often chosen to represent lives or fates that correspond with our own.

While these workshops are open to all, they are especially valuable to people in the healing, counseling or teaching professions. The systemic family approach of Bert Hellinger can be integrated into many forms of practice, adding new depth as we gain access to the strength and wisdom of the Songs of the Ancestors.

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