I credit your skill, perseverance and steady nature along with the extraordinary nature of this work, with moving one more soul along the path towards reclaiming one’s identity.
— Richard Welker


Hella Neumann

Voice America Interview with Hella

Voice America Interview Hella Neumann Family Constellation

I am thrilled to announce that I will be talking to Sadhu Khalsa on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 about Systemic Family Constellation Work for his Total Health Recovery Show on Voice America. You can join us live at 2pm MST.

We’ll talk about…

Systemic Family Constellations respond to our souls longing to live in the wholeness of our ancestral line. The family soul is a highly sensitive energetic field in which all who belong to a family are connected in love, including those who are forgotten or not honored, like those who were mentally ill, or miscarried, or who died prematurely or violently. Only when all of these are looked at and honored, and receive their respected place in the family system, the soul will heal and be a strong foundation for our lives to be healthy and in peace and joy. Until the forgotten ones are seen again, we are entangled in their fate and carry their burdens-in the form of physical illness or addictions, depression, eating disorders, panic attacks, or conflicts in our personal or professional relationships, and more.

You can also find Sadhu’s podcast on iTunes.

Voice America Hella Neumann Strategic Family Constellation Work

Special Event: Study Group

STUDY GROUP November – December 2017, Santa Fe

This is a special event that Hella offers to newcomers to the Systemic Family Constellation Work. The 6 evenings are structured to give you an in depth introduction to the principles and laws of Constellation Work. This profound healing work has proven its strong impact in many situations like dysfunctional relationships, disease and suffering. In only two decades it found its way to many countries around the globe, helping war torn countries like Russia or Chile, and most of all Germany, where the 3rd Generation after World War II is carrying the trauma of the war with phobia attacks and many diseases. Very often perpetrator and victims suffer the same symptoms
and are able to find reconciliation in the healing Ancestral Field of the Constellation. Each Constellation is an artfully celebrated ritual which holds the presence of the ancestors, offering to them the love that heals.

I hope our group will grow to 8, which is the limited number. 8 is a good number to do Constellations.

I am thinking of 6 meetings: for 6 weeks one time each week. Starting soon.

Tuesdays or Thursdays are the days on which I am free.

The time should be 6pm to 8:30pm. (Day and time can be discussed with the group members.)

It is highly recommended that participants also come for the November 11th and the December 9th Sacred Circles. Here you may experience Hella’s group facilitation and receive the healing that unfolds in the Sacred Circle of the Ancestors.

The cost of the Study Group is $400 (+tax), due by the first session. A payment plan can be worked out with Hella.

This Study Group will prepare you for later facilitator training if you find it aligns with your own heart’s calling.

Please contact Hella with further questions or to express your interest.

Special Event: Southwestern College

Hella will present the Family Constellation Work in Dr. Constanza Buck’s class entitled “Models” at the Southwestern College, Santa Fe, this coming Tuesday, February 9th, from 2 to 5 pm.

Please Note: this even is only open to the students of Dr. Buck’s class and is not open to the public.

Hella Neumann presents at Southwestern College Santa Fe

Special Event: Southwest Costellation Symposium

Southwest Constellation Symposium

Coming Together – Creating Community

Our 1st Southwest Constellation Symposium on Dec 6/7, 2014 in Santa Fe, New Mexico will focus on coming together and creating a strong constellation community in the Southwest. This symposium will celebrate our local communities in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and beyond, by meeting in the “Knowing Field”, sharing our knowledge and learning from each other. Our program invites facilitators, students and everybody who is drawn to constellation work. Our goal is to empower each other for more collective and personal healing and professional growth. We honor Bert Hellinger as the one who initiated constellation work in Germany and we embrace his students who passed on the knowledge and gave facilitators all over the world the opportunity to create their own unique approach to constellation work. Our intention with this symposium is to come together as a greater community, to share our passion for constellation work and honor our different styles. We all belong and have our place in the “Knowing Field”.



Day 1 // Saturday, December 6th, 2014


Registration, Coffee, Refreshment and Music




Bert Hellinger at Work, (Video)


Presentation: Bill Mannle, LMFT ”Movement of the Soul, a Personal Reflection”


Presentation: Barbara J. Eggenberger, MFT “Not Knowing, The Doorway to Everything“


Tea/Coffee Break with Snacks


Meditation and Constellation “Inviting the Ancestors” facilitated by Hella Neumann, MA


Box Lunch


Constellation facilitated by Bill Mannle, LMFT


Tea/Coffee Break with Snacks


Presentation: Hella Neumann, MA “Extraordinary Constellations – Far beyond the Family Field”


Presentation: Ursula M.L. Nickel, DOM “Constellations in Clinical Work with Patients”


Voices from the Audience (until 5pm)


Dinner at Zia Diner in Santa Fe (optional)


Day 2 // Sunday, December 7th, 2014


Coffee, Refreshment and Music


Presentation: Andrew Fearnside, MA, LMHC “Honoring the Mountain”


Presentation: Camille Adair, RN “Constellation Principles for Daily Living & End-of-Life Care”


Presentation: Paul Zelizer “Constellations and Conscious Business: A Beautiful Marriage”


Presentation: Bill Mannle, LMFT “Supervision, Moving through Impasse and Discovering Resources”


Tea/Coffee Break with Snacks


Break-Out Groups to the Presentations of Both Days


Box Lunch


“Chaos Community Constellation” facilitated by Barbara J. Eggenberger, MFT


Tea/Coffee Break with Snack


“Honor and Gratitude towards the Ancestors and Closing the Circle” with Hella Neumann


Symposium ends



Bill Mannle, LMFT

Bill MannlePresentation – Saturday: “Movement of the Soul, a Personal Reflection“
Presentation – Sunday: “Systemic Supervision: Moving through Impasse and Discovering Resources“
Description: Finding your way in the field can be difficult. Often a therapist will become immobilized, feel frustrated, alone, and set drift without a compass. This can be the result of hidden loyalties in the therapist’s family system, past trauma or fear, being activated by the client’s system. Supervision is an experiential approach that explores reciprocal influences between the therapist, the client, the representatives (group work) and the field. As practiced in Constellation work, supervision invokes inquiry that compels the therapist toward a deep introspection, while at the same time providing a safe space to develop heart and soul presence. Using Constellations as the primary method of inquiry, we will identify personal blocks, move with resistance, re-connect to our creativity, and find resources that help us remain open and present to our clients.
Bio: Bill Mannle, LMFT is a Gestalt and Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in Connecticut, USA. He is an adjunct faculty member at Southern Connecticut State University in the Marriage & Family Program where he serves as a Clinical Supervisor and teaches a course in Family of Origin. A facilitator and trainer of Family Constellations, Bill has conducted seminars in Connecticut, New York, California, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Mexico and Spain. He has lead workshops in schools for both adolescents and teachers and is currently using Constellations as a method of supervision. Interested in Constellations ever-expanding nature, he is exploring its deeper spiritual and heart opening nature and its affect along the path. www.billmannle.com

Barbara J. Eggenberger, MFT

Barbara EggenbergerPresentation: “Not Knowing, The Doorway to Everything“
Description: Not Knowing is a heightened sense of perception that escapes the boundaries of time and space and experience. It is the difference between regurgitated information and information that is fresh, brand new and exquisitely meaningful. Like ordinary knowing, not knowing is a state that can be learned and cultivated within the individual. I will share my own journey from Knowing to Not Knowing and provide some relevant experiences to support others along that path.
Bio: Barbara hails from California and Oregon where she has been a licensed Marriage Family Therapist for quite some time. In 2003 she was introduced to Constellation Work and after five years of seriously studying, representing, experimenting and training, she began facilitating in 2008. She has had a successful constellation circle in Sacramento, CA for the last five years and is well known and recommended for her powerful private constellations. In the last three years she has been facilitating psychotherapy groups that use constellation work as a tool of integration and has been leading Money Workshop Intensives. In the future she looks forward to adding intensives for health, sexuality and self empowerment. Her focus in all of her work is intended towards healing our relationship with self; for out of that relationship, all else follows.

Hella Neumann, MA, Certified Facilitator & Trainer (DGfS)

Hella NeumannPresentation: “Extraordinary Constellations – Far beyond the Family Field“
Description: In 15 years of a full time praxis of Constellation Work extraordinary Constellations have happened, they came as a surprise and stretched the Knowing Field in new dimensions. I will tell the story of a few of those constellations and we will experience the wisdom of the greater soul.
Bio: Hella Neumann earned her MA in Art and Education from the University of Berlin. She founded and directed for 18 years her own Art School, including Art Therapy, Bioenergetic, Biodynamic Massage.1994 she met Bert Hellinger and studied with him and his first generation of students. She began her own constellation work in 1997 under the name “Songs of the Ancestors”, leading Family Constellation workshops, private constellations and training facilitators. She remains in regular touch with Bert Hellinger and his evolving work, attending the national and international Systemic Constellation Conferences in Germany and the US. Hella has done intensive work with Malidoma Somé, Native Americans and Afro Americans, honoring the presence of the ancestors and coming into an exchange of love and blessings with them.

Ursula M.L. Nickel, DOM

Ursula-NickelPresentation: “Constellations in Clinical Work with Patients”
Description: It is crucial to connect with a symptom instead of just “fighting” it. Illness is often embedded in the cross-generational context of a family and not reduced to a personal phenomenon. We will talk about how family members and ancestors can assist the effectiveness of medical treatments.
Bio: Dr. Ursula M.L. Nickel, DOM is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine with a private practice in Albuquerque, NM. She received her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine (IICM) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ursula is nationally certified and state licensed. She has been involved in the Healing Arts for over 20 years. Her work is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Five Element Theory, but she also uses principles from her Yoga tradition and from Constellation Work to deepen the effects of her treatments. Ursula has been trained in Constellation work by Harald Homberger of Germany and has offered workshops and trainings with him from 2005 to 2009 here in New Mexico. In the last four years she has been facilitating constellations in group and individual settings and has created a vibrant constellation community in Albuquerque.

Camille Adair, RN

Camille AdairPresentation: “Constellation Principles for Daily Living & End-of-Life Care”
Description: Camille will share her experienced working with hospice patients, where she identified numerous entry points for systemic constellation work at the end-of-life. Camille will also discuss how we may integrate the principles of constellation work in our daily lives.
Bio: Camille Adair, RN is the President and CEO of Sacredigm and the Executive Director of the non-profit Living Bridges. Camille is the producer & director of the award-winning documentary, SOLACE: Wisdom of the Dying, the Solace Teachings, a health care thought leader and author. She is the founder of the progressive, sustainable health care models, FairCare and EQ|Health. Camille participated in a two year training program with Hella Neumann through Songs of the Ancestors.
www.living-bridges.org (website currently under construction)

Paul Zelizer

Paul ZelizerPresentation: “Constellations and Conscious Business: A Beautiful Marriage”
Description: In this practical and experiential talk, we will explore how Family Constellations rooted approaches can help practitioners and businesses thrive. Paul will demonstrate how it can be used to create resonate marketing, attract great clients and navigate business decisions with more ease.
Bio: Paul Zelizer is one of the first business and marketing coaches to focus on the needs of spiritual entrepreneurs. He runs a global coaching practice supporting wisdom, spirit or mindfulness based entrepreneurs in growing their businesses to the next level – while staying 100% true to their integrity. He’s also the former Director of Social Media for Wisdom 2.0, one of the premier mindfulness brands in the world. Paul’s latest venture is Wisdompreneurs, a global network focused on bringing entrepreneurial skills to transformational leaders and to bring easy to implement wisdom practices to the entrepreneurial world.
To help his clients connect to the core story of their business, Paul co-developed a process called Business Energetics – a blend of Family Constellations wisdom, energy psychology methods and conscious business practices.

Andrew Fearnside, MA, LMHC

Andrew FearnsidePresentation: “Honoring the Mountain, Creative Practice in the Desert from a Symbolic Systemic Perspective”
Description: A tension between individuality and community vibrates in every human life and enterprise. Here in the Southwest, this archetypal reality manifests in our relationship to the high desert, the land of the mountains at whose feet we build our lives. Can we live the psychological and spiritual values of our roots, and honor the desert? What does the desert require of us? How much can we allow ourselves to imbibe the values of the land we live in, and how much of our native values must we hold fast within us? What are we native to? Artist Andrew Fearnside will share aspects of his psychospiritual creative practice in exploring these questions.
Bio: Andrew Fearnside grew up in the temperate hill country of suburban Massachusetts, and developed and affinity for the land at a young age. He completed two Bachelors degrees, in literature and fine art, at Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Moving to Albuquerque in 2001, Mr. Fearnside completed a Master’s Degree in Counseling at Southwestern College in 2010, focusing on grief, loss and trauma, and began clinical practice at the UNM Cancer Center that year. Mr. Fearnside has participated in Jungian study through the CG Jung Institute of Santa Fe since 2010, and has completed continuing education in psychodynamic theory, the neurological basis of attachment and trauma, and dissociation. He has worked as a psychotherapist since that time, providing treatment and case management for a wide variety of patients.


Special Event: Southwest Constellation Symposium

Southwest Constellation Symposium with Hella Neumann

Special Event: Featured Speaker

at The 2013 US Systemic Constellation Conference

Hella Neumann presents at The 2013 US Systemic Constellation Conference

Workshop: Sitting in the Sacred Circle of the Knowing Field

“Ritual has been one of the most practical and efficient ways to stimulate the safe healing required by both the individual and the community.” Malidoma Some’

Hella Neumann seeks to encourage the creation of new rituals , appropriate to our time, enhancing the healing power of Family Constellation Work. This workshop will be taught within the sacred space of a ritual. The steps of a Constellation are experienced as movements in the all-embracing sacred field of all that is. In this high energy field we meet the presence of the Ancestors and it comes to light what needs to be seen. Using small groups we will experience how to hold the Sacred Field and how it feels when we drop back into the ordinary world. This workshop combines meditations, hands-on experiences, and a fine-tuned awareness of the Sacred Field. Hella will facilitate a Constellation illustrating the use of ritual in our work.

Special Event: Southwestern College Conference

Hella will present at the Southwestern College’s 31st Annual Transformation & Healing Conference.
“Through the Looking Glass”: Perspectives on Systems, Trauma and Resilience.
August 22th – 26th, 2012
You can download the full conference brochure here. It also includes a registration form.
Or visit www.swc.edu for more information.

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